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Amanda Miller, LCMHC

Adolescents, College Students, & Adults  |  Anxiety, Mindfulness, Trauma

Kintsugi: “Golden Joinery”

This phrase is part of the Japanese art of joining broken objects with gold dust and lacquer. Because the “flaw” reveals its history, resulting in a piece being considered more beautiful. Life is hard and can often leave us broken. Therapy is the gold dust that helps us to “piece together” your healing story and mend yourself with love. In this space we work as a team to find realistic tools through talk, play, art, and education as a practical means to healing. Learning that our “scars” are not something to be hidden with shame, but to be displayed with pride.

One Little Spark

I consider myself a rarity as an Asheville native. I love to travel to soothe my gypsy soul but, my mountains consistently call me wherever I go so, there is nothing like home. When I’m not online my focus is on my other loves: My Faith, Disney, K-pop/dramas, Travel, Hockey, Art, and Being a Dog Mom. 

These Little Sparks constantly open me up to new experiences and perspectives which I believe allow me to relate in multiple capacities. I have grown to love my varied interests as they have allowed me to connect and cultivate therapeutic relationships in unimaginable ways.

Amanda has acquired her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University in 2016. She was a member of Chi Sigma Iota branch of Counseling Academic & Professional Honors Society International. She also has TF-CBT, Natural Flow EMDR, and Telehealth qualifications and training. Amanda has almost 10 years of counseling experience between practicum and internship cites as well as working with Youth Villages, Trinity Behavioral Healthcare, and Reclaim Counseling Wellness. Amanda enjoys working with adolescents, college students, and adults to see their active growth processes.

Professional Bio

It's time to address the underlying issues contributing to the inability to perform daily functions. Whether it's challenging the status quo, trying to figure out how to stop worrying, supporting your child's growth, working towards a healthier relationship with you partner, or something else entirely, we are here to support you in your mental health journey.

Let's work together!